Digestion and Absorption

Digestion is when the body breaks down food to absorb the nutrients. These nutrients affect the entire body. The balance is delicate between the relation of the GI tract and the rest of the body. When digestion is hindered it can impact your health over all. 


Digesting begins when you smell or see food. Your mouth begins to water, this is called saliva. When you chew, along with the saliva, you being to break down carbohydrates and enzymes. The saliva causes your stomach to release juice preparing its self for the next step.

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In the stomach, the acid that was released begins to breakdown the proteins. This frees vitamins and minerals that are absorbed into the body. The broken down food is moved into the small intestine where enzymes scripted by the pancreas help break down fat and carbohydrates. The GI tract is able to break down complex food sources into macro and micronutrients that nourish the body. 

The large instant finished the job by absorbing various nutrients and what ever water is left. Finally the body extorts the unusable portions along with toxins.

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Here are a few things that can slow down the digestive system.

  • low fiber intake
  • food borne illness
  • changes in microbiota
  • poor dietary choices
  • decrease in pancreatic enzyme


As always there are some lifestyle changes we can make to help our digestive system. 

1. Prepare and cook our own food

By buying local, organic produce we reduce the risk of toxin exposure. Increasing fruits and vegetable consumptions allows for more nutrients to be absorbed. Monitoring portion sizes is easier when you are serving yourself. 

2. Reduce stress levels

Keeping your stress levels low helps with adequate sleep, mental and emotional stressors, and helps control inflammation. 


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The above information was presented by LifeStyle Matrix Resource Center.

All information presented is for your educational purposes only. This is by no means given as medical advice. It is important to seek advice from your physician or other qualified health practitioner regarding any medical concerns you may have, prior to the implementation and use of diet, lifestyle change, supplements, or any other health related protocols.

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