Aloha, E Komo Mai, Ohana!

That’s Hawaiian for hello family and welcome!

I am ecstatic to be part of your health journey!

I am an Environmental Mental Health Expert who has focused on passionately blending my education and training in Medicine, Health, and Psychology together in a holistic and harmonious way!

Let me tell you a little about myself! I have completed degrees in Leadership, Environmental Health, and Clinical Psychology with honors, a post-graduate diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with honors and licensed in Washington state, and I’m a licensed Physician in the states of Arizona and Washington state.


My Story

As a child, I was always drawn to and had a deep appreciation for nature and its interconnectedness and found comfort and peace playing in the woods or walking down to the creeks behind the house.

Sadly, I grew up in a suburb where refineries encapsulated the town. All you could see was smoke stacks of burned off chemicals in the air, only to see it rain back down onto the land and water.

It seemed like it was daily that I heard someone was sick, got cancer, or had passed away. I knew the toxic environment had a huge impact on my town’s health.

Dr. Farzam Afshar



Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine – Classical Homeopath – Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist – Certified Financial Therapist-Level I™ Professional – Health Coach & Consultant

The impact this had was not only physical or isolated to the person affected, but it impacted the person’s loved ones mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

I always tried to help console the people impacted which not only helped them, but made me feel good inside knowing that I was being of service to them during a difficult time.

I was consistently told that I had a healing spirit and that I should become a doctor. They were not too far off because I always felt my heart and soul were destined to become a healer too. I just did not know which route I would take and what type of healer I would become.

As the years passed and I grew a bit older, I too developed some serious health concerns that altered the course of my entire life.

I relied on medications to manage my symptoms and overtime more medications were added to manage the side effects of the prior medications I was already using!

This frustration went on for years as the root cause of my health issues were never addressed, but were only managed.

This led to the development of anxiety and with it times of depression which seemed to never go away.

I saw the deterioration in my health over time and saw how each health deterioration led to the next and so on. I had a deep feeling inside that I had to take charge and become an expert in my field to be able to help my community regain its health.

I went on to study Leadership and Environmental Health, hoping I would be able to make an impact in my community at a Public Health level.

I was active in giving speeches, consulting, advocating, and working tirelessly in community development projects to better the environment, so that my community would be a clean and healthy place.

During this time, I struggled with my own health and with each pharmaceutical given, my hopes in the conventional model dwindled and at that point I decided that I needed to recenter myself and my life and decided to go on a self-exploration and self-discovery journey to figure out how to regain my health.

I went to California for a short time and then ended up in Hawaii. One day while walking down the beach in Hawaii, enjoying the smell of the Sakura blossoms from the homes nearby, and listening to the waves pummeling the shore and looking up into the stars, I realized since leaving my community and being in a cleaner environment in Hawaii, my health had improved mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually!

It hit me harder than the waves hitting the shore, I realized my mind and body are not just a vessel that becomes sick or gets ill, but that the external and internal environments were not optimal and had provided a great opportunity for illness to take root. What a life changing epiphany!

It was then and there that I decided I want to pursue my dreams of becoming a healer and so my journey into the healing sciences began, but I knew that if I wanted to help future clients heal, I had to focus on healing myself first!

I started to see a Naturopathic Physician who started asking me about where I grew up, if I meditated or prayed, how much sleep I was getting, what my family structure and social support looked like, and what I ate!

I was shocked and intrigued! The baffling part was that my doctors before never asked me about nutrition and the nutritionists I saw were relying on research that was often outdated. It was a huge shock, but also a wake-up call because I realized my dietary choices were an underlying cause of my health issues.

Once I started Medical School and Psychology Graduate School and progressed through, my inner scientist bloomed and I started experimenting until I found the foods which were causing many of my issues.

I continued this process with my friends and family with the same amazing results. This was coupled with my education in Medical School on how nutrition is correlated with cellular health and how cellular health is the cornerstone in reversing pathological states, while my education in Psychology Graduate School helped me see the link between proper nutrition and optimal mental health!

I finally realized the KEY to regaining health rather than patching up a disease. As I gained more education and training in my Medical Education, Psychology Education, and career, I realized the importance of striving for optimal health at a functional level and how this could help the ill regain their life back!

I also started to mesh my previous education in Environmental Health with my Medical Education and realized the importance of aiding the body in detoxification through the organs of elimination for optimal health and how to optimize external and internal environments to lead to optimal health!

My greatest epiphany took me back to that beach in Hawaii where I realized that health is not just about the absence of disease, but is about achieving optimal health and wellness holistically!

After spending years just patching up the disease, I healed through natural therapeutics, mental health therapeutics, diet, lifestyle changes, and environmental optimization which led me to regain my health and life back. I eventually came off the medications and reversed my health conditions by addressing the root causes!

With the idea that it is never too late to heal oneself and armed with the knowledge and training in the many modalities of Naturopathic Medicine, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Environmental Health, I have harmoniously blended what I have learned throughout my education and training into a truly holistic practice and have dedicated my life to empowering, recommending, and equipping my clients with the most up-to-date evidence-informed practices so that they too can reach optimal health and wellness!

Sakura, which thrives in Hawaii, means cherry blossom and often represents the fleeting nature and sweetness of life, renewal, friendship, peace, love, and hope! 

I hope that I can bring and share Sakura, with all of its beautiful representations into each session with clients.

I continue to remain excited, motivated, and always looking forward to helping clients become the healthiest version of themselves!