HPA Axis Dysfunction

Stress in no new topic for us here at Sakura. But today I want to go a little further into the topic. 

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is released in response to stress and low blood-glucose concentration. Cortisol is the bodies natural way of normalizing the blood sugar and preventing inflammation. 

When we stress we disturb the delicate balance of our hormones. This can lead to the following three stages

Image proved by the Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center.


Hyper-Cortisol is stage 1, this is when your cortisol levels are elevated continually. Stage one can be determined by elevated cortisol, insomnia, restlessness, high stress reaction, and anxiety.


Cortisol Dominant is stage two. This is when you have irregular cortisol rhythms. Other factors include: blood sugar imbalances, mood issues, sleep cycle problems, hormonal irregularities, and frequent energy crashes. 


Hypo-Cortisol is the opposite of stage one. Cortisol levels are abnormally low, fatigue and depression start to settle in. Pain and severe inflammation are also some factors. 

Stress Factors

Stress is relevant to each individual. Yet most of our stress can be broken down into this four groups. 

  • mental/ emotional
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • Inflammation
Image proved by the Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center.
Image proved by the Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center.


Taking back glycemic control is the foundation of HPA Axis Recovery. This means that the foods that you eat determine how your body responds. 



The above information was presented by LifeStyle Matrix Resource Center

All information presented is for your educational purposes only. This is by no means given as medical advice. It is important to seek advice from your physician or other qualified health practitioner regarding any medical concerns you may have, prior to the implementation and use of diet, lifestyle change, supplements, or any other health related protocols.

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