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1208 W. Drew
Houston, Texas 77006


At Sakura Natural Health, our goal is to help you identify the underlying cause of your disease or illness and then assist you in restoring your health. We also provide education and resources that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below, you will find a general breakdown of our products and services. Click a subcategory to book an appointment, take a class, join an event, purchase a product, or replenish supplements.

REMOTE SESSIONs VIA SKYPE, FACETIME OR PHONE are available upon request.

For a comprehensive list of of our services, please review the list below or download our printable version.

naturopathic services

Comprehensive Health Consultation | 1.5 hour (Adult), 1 hr (child)

$350 for Adults | $225 for children ages 0-14

This appointment focuses on what is needed to assist you in restoring health. We do not treat symptoms; we work to remove obstacles to cure and correct imbalances. Your appointment may include a homeopathic remedy prescription, review of diet, supplements, recent labs, discussion of recommendations, an immediate course of action, food intolerance testing, and a long-term plan for your health.

Dietary Counseling | 1st: 15 min.  2nd: 45 min.

$195 adults or children

In the initial intake, we access your current diet, your blood typing, the condition of your gut, any known allergies to foods, and create a dietary plan unique to your needs. We can also access food intolerances, sensitivities, allergies, and/or nutritional deficiencies based on need.

Keeping Yourself Optimal Consultation | 1 hour

$250 for Adults

A wellness consultation is for people who are well and wish to optimize their wellness. This appointment consists of a diet review, supplements, and recent labs to ensure you are doing what is necessary to live in vitality. This appointment is not intended to address a specific health concern or disease. Follow-up appointments are scheduled as needed or recommended.

Not Feeling Well – Acute Consultation | 1 hour

$195 for Adults

These are designed to help you recover quickly from an acute illness (i.e.: cold, flu, insect bite etc…). For chronic health concerns please refer to the comprehensive new patient appointment. During this appointment your doctor will focus on your acute illness and create a customized plan that may often include a homeopathic remedy, nutritional supplements or herbal medicines, diet and hydrotherapy recommendations. Additional appointments and follow-up would be determined by your doctor and incur additional investment.

Follow-Up Consultations | 15 min-1 hour

$50 for 15 min (phone only),  $160 for 45 min

The majority of our follow-up consultations are billed at the standard follow-up rate and typically take 20-30 minutes. Some follow-up appointments may be more complex if there are new issues to address, the patient hasn’t been seen in an extended period of time, or the doctor is re-evaluating the client’s case. These may be billed as an Extended or Comprehensive consultation. A brief consultation is typically for checking in on a single health issue (blood pressure, weight loss) and is not a regular follow-up consultation. The type of follow-up consultation needed is determined by your physician and may not always be known until during your appointment. Phone consultations are billed the same as in-office consultations.

Supplements | Pricing Varies

Nutritional supplements are an important part of your health and healing. We carry many of the highest quality supplements, which we have used a significant amount of time to research and find the best products for your specific health concern.

Testing | We offer a range of laboratory testing that can assist in determining what is the most appropriate course of action. There are additional costs associated with laboratory tests.

homeopathic services

Initial Constitutional Homeopathy Intake | 1 hour 

$275 for New Clients and $225 for Existing Clients

This initial appointment focuses on what is needed to assist you in restoring health. We work with you, as an individual, not just your dis-ease. We do not treat symptoms; we work to remove obstacles to cure and correct imbalances. Our practitioners take the time to listen and understand your specific health concerns. During this appointment, your doctor will address all aspects of your health. Your appointment will also include an immediate homeopathic remedy.

Constitutional Homeopathy Follow-up | 45 min 

$160 for All Clients


Hydrotherapy | 1 hour 

$90 for 1 session, $425 for 5 sessions, $900 for 10 sessions

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage, which will aid in detoxification. Hydrotherapy also calms the autonomic nervous system, stimulates digestion, and improves the immune system. This therapy includes the use of hot and cold towels in an alternating fashion that create an artificial fever. In doing this, we are stimulating white blood cell production and decreasing any inflammation in the body. It is very relaxing, yet very therapeutic.