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900 Lovett Boulevard
Houston, TX, 77006
United States



Scheduling an Appointment

Whether you are ready to schedule an appointment, or you are just interested in learning more about naturopathy, I am glad you are here on this page! It makes me hopeful, and excited, each time I see a person seek counsel or information on how to live more healthfully. To focus on health, instead of disease, to gain understanding of how the human body works, or to be happier, healthier, and whole!


Once you have scheduled:

WHAT to EXPECT On the day of your visit

IF you haven't done so already, please complete your Online paperwork.

If you are scheduled for a virtual Tele-Health consult. We will call you at the appointment time.

If you are scheduled for an in house consult @ The Lovett Center (900 Lovett Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77006), please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. This will allow a few minutes to help yourself to a drink and to relax.

During our consultation, we will discuss your case by going through the answers provided in your intake form. We will walk you through our thoughts, provide education on how the body works, and help you understand how we work to find the root cause of the dis-ease or imbalance.  Then, we will provide the best possible plan for healing. 

We will recommend natural medicines that are relevant to the case. This may include herbals, vitamins/minerals, supplements, homeopathy, or home therapies (such as castor oil packs, hydrotherapy, exercises, or stress management). We will either provide these remedies to you, we will direct you on where to buy them, or we will mail them to you, depending on your case.

We will suggest dietary modifications and we prefer to use our food intolerance assessment to help identify the right diet for YOU. This is an additional $175 (we highly recommend it).

We may suggest additional testing, depending on your case/needs but this may not be necessary. Our focus is to help the body function better, then see what else may need to be assessed. 

our fee for The average initial adult consult is $575- $700. The average initial pediatric consult is $400- $500.

We encourage you to commit to 3 visits. After your initial appointment, we ask that you return in 2 weeks. We will discuss diet in greater detail, and we will review your case, your progress, and solidify your protocol for the next month.


Need more reassurance?

Most health issues can be cured or greatly improved as you clean up your diet, address nutritional deficiencies, reduce inflammation, and cleanse your body so that your body can work the way it was designed to.

Many of our clients have been to doctor after doctor, with little improvement or help. This is because they are not addressing the root cause or working to re-establish proper function of the human body. SEE OUR ROADMAP TO HEALTH!

Optimizing digestion is usually one of the main goals of naturopathy. Our Digestive tract (GI) is important for its ability absorb nutrients, To Provide fuel, to balance the immune system, to heal our emotions, and to remove our toxins. Read more about the GI here. 


We have an innate ability to maintain good health if we establish the optimal environment for healing.
— Joel Fuhrman