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1208 W. Drew
Houston, Texas 77006

Pricing + Services


Pricing + Services


Initial Consultation

$375 for Adult (15+) | 1.5hours

 $250 for Children (0-14) | 1 hour

This appointment focuses on what is needed to assist you in restoring health. We do not treat symptoms; we work to remove obstacles to cure and correct imbalances. Your appointment may include a homeopathic remedy prescription, review of diet, supplements, recent labs, discussion of recommendations, an immediate course of action, food intolerance testing, and a long-term plan for your health.


General Consultation

$175 for both adults and Children | 45mins

The majority of consultations will fall under the general category. General Consultations include, but are not limited to; follow-ups, regimen changes, updates, Lab reviews, and acute conditions

Breif Consultation 

$60 for 15min 

Brief Consultations are only done by phone. These 15 minute appointment are typically used for brief questions or check-ins.


* All appointments, except the brief consultation, can be done by phone, video, in-person, or email.