Naturopathy is the art of using nature's laws to live healthfully and is comprised of science-based natural modalities that stimulate the body's innate healing abilities. Naturopathy takes a whole-health (mind, body, and spirit) approach, supporting you wherever you may need it most. It addresses the whole person while providing a variety of therapies including, but (not limited to) dietary counseling, botanicals, homeopathy, and stress relief. 

Below, you'll find a general overview of the tools we use to promote health and wellness. Our modalities include herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, hydrotherapy, breath therapy, meditation, and education. For more information regarding our offerings, you can read about our individual services or purchase a product or service in our shop.

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There are six core principles to Naturopathy:

Vis medicatrix naturae (Trust in the Healing Power of Nature): The body has an inherent ability to restore health through nature’s healing properties.

Tolle causam (Identify and Treat the Cause): Naturopathic physicians seek to discover and address the underlying cause of a disease.

Primum non-nocere (First Do No Harm): A Naturopathic Physician's first consideration is to heal without causing any further harm.     

Docere (Doctor as Teacher): We educate and therefore empower patients to take responsibility for their own health. Doctor as Teacher

Tolle totum (Treat the Whole Person): A holistic approach is utilized by considering multiple factors of health and disease, and then formulating a treatment plan specific to the individual’s needs. 

Preveniere (Prevention is Cure): Prevention is a key aspect of Naturopathic Medicine.

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There are also essential components of natural health. We've taken the liberty of outlining specific steps to help you navigate your new health journey:

Clean Food

Reduce inflammation.

Food is a major contributor to inflammation. In this phase, we will establish an individualized diet plan, provide nutritional education, heal the gut, and correct nutritional deficiencies. This is the basis for rebuilding health.


Spectracell testing

Food intolerance testing

Food allergy testing

Nutritional counseling

Follow-up session

Clean Water & Air

Restore cellular integrity.

Environmental pollution/toxins damage cells and cause immune and endocrine dysfunction, as well as neurological and emotional imbalances. Cleansing removes these harmful toxins and allows you to pursue the basics of clean air and water.


Colonic hydrotherapy

Breath therapy


Home visits

Detox consulting

Clean Thoughts

Rebalance emotions.

Emotional (detox) balancing involves replacing old thought patterns, establishing healthy emotions, and adopting stress management techniques. Here, we focus on your emotional body which is equally as important for physical health.



Homeopathy kits

Breath therapy

Guided Meditations

Goal coaching

Clean Living

Review and renew.

This phase was designed to help you maintain and build upon the progress you made in the previous phases. As you create a solid and healthy foundation in your life, you allow yourself the opportunity to thrive, flourish, and become your best self.


Case overviews

Well care

Sick care

Continuing education

Quarterly detox



Cleansing is the safest form of therapy and can yield the highest return! We are gentle and really effective at restoring health while empowering you with the knowledge to thrive. Our 4 step program will help you build a foundation for health, while working with the most natural, safe and effective therapies available. (We use Science based and proven protocols) that are based on the ESSENTIAL elements of Healthful living: food, air, water and clean thoughts. We are the most ORGANIC forms of healing. We help you establish a healthy diet, we teach you about clean air and water and we use water and breath therapy as healing tools, we help balance your emotions and provide tools so that you are well equipped to handle stress and emotions that come with our life experiences. We help provide knowledge so that you are well equipped to care for yourself and to know when you need extra help.

  • complete health restoration
  • repair infertility issues (for men and women)
  • increase energy levels
  • restore skin and natural beauty
  • alleviate autoimmune disorders
  • balance hormones
  • correct gastrointestinal issues
  • combat depression and anxiety

Naturopathy cures a wide range of conditions, for more information regarding whether we can offer the right course of treatment, please review our most common conditions list and contact our office.