• Telehealth | $299.99

  • IN OFFICE | $389.99


  • telehealth | $399.99

  • IN OFFICE | $519.99

We require that you fill out our new patient paperwork at least 48 hours before your appointment.

During your appointment we will discuss your case by going through the answers you provided in your intake form, as well as discuss expectations/goals and agreements. We will walk you through our thoughts, provide education on how the body works, and help you understand how we work to find the root cause of dis-ease or imbalance.

Then we will provide the best possible plan to help you reach optimal health.

Typically we prescribe natural medicines which are relevant to your case. This may include herbal or botanical medicines, vitamins/minerals, medical grade supplements, homeopathic medicines, or home therapies. You will receive them after your appointment or they will be shipped directly to you.

We will suggest dietary modifications and prefer to use our food intolerance evaluation (+$175) to help identify the right diet for you. We may require additional testing, depending on your case/needs in order for us to help you to reach your optimal health goals.

We encourage you to commit to 3 visits. After your initial appointment, we ask that you return in 2 weeks to discuss updates and/or prescription alterations, diet in greater detail, review your case/progress, and solidify your protocol for the next month.


Acute (1 health concern) | 15 mins

  • telehealth | $49.99

Compressed (2 health Concerns) | 30 mins

  • telehealth | $99.99

  • IN OFFICE | $129.99

Full (3 health concerns) | 45 mins

telehealth | $149.99

IN OFFICE | $194.99

extendeD (4 health concerns) | 60 mins

telehealth | $199.99

IN OFFICE | $259.99

We consider follow ups anything after your initial consultation and offer a variety of different appointment lengths.

Short consultations are best for quick questions, check-ins, and recommending alternative supplements. These appointments are also best for acute care such as colds, flu, and opinion on procedures. We also use these appointments to go over labs that are ordered “a la carte.”

Longer consultation are used to discuss regimen changes and/or adjustments, we re-analyze your health for improvements. In some cases we may request labs or journals. Hypnotherapy and life coaching can also be done during these appointments. If you have not seen one of our doctors in longer then six months we suggest scheduling a full or extended appointment. This will give us time to go over health changes and update your case.

If you wish to speak to one of our health care providers regarding your health we require you to scheduled an appointment of at least 15mins.

More Information:

*Our in office consultations are located @ 1700 Post Oak Boulevard, (2 BLVD Place) Suite 600, Houston, Texas, 77056.

Look for North Italia, there you will find our free parking garage. Stay on the blue side of the garage and you will find our building doors on the second floor. Once you go through the doors, take the elevators to the 6th floor and you should find our reception. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time, this allows us to make sure all of your paperwork has been processed.

*We use for all of our Telehealth consultations.

You can connect to our virtual waiting area by clicking this link here []. Once you connect it will require you to put in your email address. Once you are plugged in the doctor will connect to you as soon as possible. We use doxy as our secure software to better serve you. Please be sure to be in a quiet location where you can clearly hear and interact with the doctor.

If you prefer a custom timed appointment, we would be happy to work with you and will gladly set it up. Additional time for followup appointments are based off of 15 minute increments of $49.99. Additional health concerns are based off of 30 minute increments at $99.99.

Our follow ups do not include price of labs, nutraceuticals (supplements), or any other additional costs.

*We do not treat symptoms; we work to remove obstacles to healing, correct imbalances, and aid in restoration of health.