Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine


Dr. Erica uses a 'whole-istic' and individualized approach in helping her clients find the root cause of their dis-ease.  She believes disharmony of the physical, mental/emotional, and/or spiritual self are the root causes of dis-ease and that the journey of healing occurs when we balance the elements that are out of attunement with health. 

Dr. Erica's goal is to help her clients restore health. She does this by restoring proper digestion, establishing a proper diet, recommending appropriate nutritional supplementation,  detoxification, and stress management.  Dr. Erica uses these tools to create a sturdy foundation for healing, while also teaching her clients how to adopt a lifestyle that will focus on the importance of cleaner foods, cleaner living, cleaner thoughts, and self-reliance in the pursuit of health and happiness.

Dr. Erica Campbell, is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with advanced training in environmental medicine.  Dr. Erica completed her pre-med studies at the University of St. Thomas, in Houston, Texas, and then went on to receive her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Tempe, Arizona. Dr. Erica has over 20 years experience working in the healthcare industry. She been in private practice since she moved back to Houston in 2007. Dr. Erica has helped thousands of families find the gift of true health.

Dr. Erica is a a lover of nature and natural medicine. Her favorite thing to do is spend time hiking, exploring, and experiencing nature, with her husband, her 3 young boys, and her daughter.  Erica enjoys studying medicine in nature as well. She has taken many classes, beyond core medicine, that have taken her to the desserts, and mountains, and lakes, and streams. On true adventures.  She understands the plants and the medicines they posses. She has harvested them, she has extracted themedicine,  she has tasted the medicines, and has a special understanding of how the human and the eco-system have a special symbiotic relationship.