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 Our Core Principals

Treat the Whole Person

We regard health as a whole, not just physical but spiritual. Just as each organ system corresponds together, our spiritually state affects our physical state.

Sakura wants to care for not just your physical symptoms but the root of your dis-ease.

Trust in the Healing Power of Nature

We trust that our bodies have the innate ability to heal itself. Think of nature and how vines can grow around a house. Given the right conditions nature will restore itself.

At Sakura we aim to create an environment the healing process to take place.

Prevention is Cure

We believe that in order for us to live a healthy life in the future we must start by developing one now. The seeds we plant now will grow to the health we will one day see.

Sakura wants to help you acquire the skills and knowledge to prevent dis-ease not just for you but future generations.

I received excellent care and wonderful results when I came in for help with my Hashimoto’s disease. With dietary changes and cleansing, my antibodies are now in the normal range and my thyroid is functioning well.

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