What to expect on your first visit.

Once you have scheduled an initial appointment we ask that you fill out the proper form for your appointment. This can be found in our patient resource tab under forms.

TeleMedicine & TeleHealth Consultations

If you scheduled for a remote consultation we will call you at the appointment time. Please be sure to be in a quiet location where you can clearly hear and interact with the doctor.


If you are scheduled for an in office consultation we are located at the Lovett Center (900 Lovett Blvd, Houston, Texas, 77006). Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. This allows us to make sure all your paperwork has been processed.

During consultations

We will discuss your case by going through the answers your provided in your intake from. We will walk you through our thoughts, provide education on how the body works, and help you understand how we work to find the root cause of dis-ease or imbalance. Then we will provide the best possible plan for healing.

We will recommend natural medicines that are relevant to the case. This may include herbal or botanical medicines, vitamins/minerals, supplements, homeopathic medicine, or home therapies. We will either provide these remedies to you, direct ship them to you, or direct you to how to purchase them depending on your case.

We will suggest dietary modifications and prefer to use our food intolerance assessment to help identify the right diet for you. This is an additional cost. We may suggest additional testing, depending on your case/needs this may not be necessary. Our focus is to help the body function properly.

Our average initial consultation cost about $575+. We encourage you to commit to 3 visits after your initial appointment. We ask that you return in 2 weeks. In our follow ups we discuss diet in greater detail, review your case/progress, and solidify your protocol for the next month.