How is a Naturopathic doctor different from my M.D.?

Naturopathic Doctors* receive the same level of medical training as MDs as they attend federally accredited four-year medical schools and go through clinical rotations. The major difference is that in addition to learning biomedical sciences and pharmacology, we also learn complimentary and alternative therapies. The state of Texas does not allow NMDs (Naturopathic Medical Doctors) to prescribe pharmaceutical medications at this time, although it is legal in other states. In Texas our doctors can not legally “diagnose” or “treat” illness, but we can work with you to enhance your overall health and well being, which reduces symptoms and helps you feel wonderful as a whole person. Our Naturopathic Doctors are not licensed in Texas because licensing is not available yet in the state.

Do you work with pediatrics?

Yes, we work with children of all ages. Most commonly we see infants for digestive issues, immune issues, and general support for mom and the baby. We commonly see toddlers to adolescence for a variety of chronic issues such as digestive issues, eczema, asthma, anxiety, and acne.

Can Naturopathic medicine be used in conjunction with other forms of medicine?

Yes! Naturopathic Medicine works very well when used in conjunction with other forms of medicine including pharmaceutical drugs, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic Care. We will custom-tailor recommendations to avoid negative interactions with other therapies you may be using. In addition, Naturopathic Medicine can help counteract the side effects of difficult treatments.


No! We are a cash-based practice. We do accept Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Along with these, we accept cash, credit/debit cards, and checks.

What should I expect in my first visit?

We work very differently than most doctors. Your first visit lasts about an hour and a half for adult visits (and an hour for children). During this time your complete medical history will be discussed, as well as your symptoms, family history, lifestyle, emotional health and diet. Based on the complete set of information gathered, we will outline a detailed plan for you that may include supplements, homeopathic remedies, dietary or lifestyle changes, counseling, and referral to other physicians or practitioners when necessary.

What conditions are helped by natural medicine?

As Naturopathic Doctors, we work with your body as a whole. The plan of action will address your health and wellness in a way that will help to reduce your symptoms and increase your quality of life. This is effective in chronic conditions like Diabetes, Heart Disease, or Obesity or in acute conditions like an Earache, Cold, or Flu. Because of this, Naturopathic Medicine can help you feel better with any medical condition, with the exception of medical emergencies or conditions requiring immediate surgery.

How long does it take to get well and what does it cost?

Every person is different and every situation is unique, but there are some basic guidelines. Most people have the initial visit, which is an hour and a half to get a complete case and then we ask to see you back in 2 weeks initially. Then follow ups are usually on a monthly basis for the first 3 months. After that follow ups are generally as-needed, although if you want more long-term attention that is possible too. If the condition is more complex, ongoing monthly follow-ups are the best course of action.

Do you offer remote visits?

Technological advances are making remote visits more common. We prefer our first visit to be in-person, but we do have clients that live all across the world. Skype or phone can be a great way to have an appointment but we ask that you scan and email or fax all of your new patient documents, any recent lab work, and any other material that you would like us to review.

Can a Naturopathic Doctor be my primary care physician?

A Naturopathic Doctor CANNOT be your primary care provider in Texas. In States where Naturopathic Medicine is fully licensed, your Naturopathic Medical Doctor or Naturopathic Physician can also be your primary care physician. In Texas, you will need to have an additional primary care physician who is fully licensed such as an M.D. or D.O.

Does Texas license NaturopathIC Physicians/Homeopaths?

The State of Texas does not license Naturopathic Doctors at this time, neither do they regulate the use of the title “Naturopath,” “Naturopathic Doctor,” “Naturopathic Physician,” or “Naturopathic Medical Doctor”. For this reason it is especially important in Texas to ensure that your N.M.D. is properly trained at a federally accredited medical school and holds an active license from a state which offers medical licensing. Please see for more information. Lack of licensing does not prohibit the practice of Naturopathic Medicine, but it does limit what your Naturopathic Doctor can legally do for you. Although a Naturopathic Medical license would allow us to provide a diagnosis, to prescribe pharmaceutical medications, to use injectable therapies and to perform minor surgery in states where licensing exists, we are unable to offer these services in Texas at this time. This does not affect the quality of care offered, and we can still use all of the alternative medical therapies.