Know Your Risk

If you have 3 of the following, 

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Aging

  • Obesity

  • physical inactivity

  • insulin resistant

you could be at risk of metabolic syndrome. 


What is metabolic syndrome? 

"It is a variety of conditions that can result in one or more negative impacts on your heart, blood vessels, and liver, as well as your ability to metabolize sugar and fat. Your risk for having metabolic syndrome generally increases as you age and when your body mass index (or BMI) increases. It is estimated that 25 percent of the world’s adult population (and it is believed to be closer to 34 percent in the United States) has signs and symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome. "

- Thorne Research

What can we do? 

If you believe that you have metabolic syndrome first you should let your Dr. know your concerns. The next step is learning your information. Here is a FREE PDF guide to understanding metabolic syndrome. This guide not only has important information but also great recipes and handouts to keeping you on track.  


What can help ?

Fish oil helps maintain a healthy level of blood sugar, helps with brain function and promotes healthy insulin response. There are many good fish oil supplement out there. Thorne's Super EPA fish oil is different because the concentrated formula gives you everything you need without having to take more capsules. 

Metabolic from Throne Research is a protein powder. This supplement not only contains protein but also fiber, vitamins and mineral, all designed to help combat the effects of metabolic syndrome. 


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More information

If would like more information here are some reputable sources. 

- American Heart Association

- Dr. Axe


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