FREQUENT UTI's or Chronic Urinary Issues?

Are you troubled with urinary track infections, frequent urination,  or chronic cystitis? The urinary track which includes the kidneys, the bladder, and the urethra, is very susceptible to inflammation. One of the primary sources of chronic inflammation in this organ system is FOOD!

The most common INFLAMMATORY foods are dairy, gluten, and sugar. Sugar suppresses our normal immune function which makes us more more susceptible to inflammation or infection. Eliminate these foods from your diet. Just a week, or two, is usually enough to calm the inflammatory load in your body which will allow for healing.

Proper hydration is also very important. When we are dehydrated we don't have enough fluids passing through our urinary track to keep things moving appropriately.  When fluids stagnate in the body, our bacteria become unbalanced which further feeds inflammation.

Proper bacterial balance in the urinary tract system is also critical for optimal health. Probiotics can be very beneficial to the urinary bladder and urinary tract system. Fermented foods like miso soup, Kombucha,  sauerkraut, or other fermented vegetables also help promote a healthy bacterial balance in the urinary track system.

If that is not enough support, I usually recommend cranberry concentrate with d-Mannose and several herbal remedies. The cranberry helps to acidify the urine while providing bacterial anti-adhesive properties, meaning the bacterial chains break apart which results in clearing of the infection. My two favorite herbals for urinary tract health are UVA URSI and GOLDENSEALUva ursi is widely used in Europe as a treatment for UTI's and this herb is approved in Germany for treatment of bladder infections! Goldenseal is a root that helps to treat many types of infections.. 

Hope you find this helpful. If you need further support, please let us know.

Erica Campbell, ND @ Sakura Natural Health.