Be gorgeous on the inside to see it on the outside....

Introducing yourself into the world of Naturopathy can be very overwhelming. Knowing where to start, and how to navigate was the trickiest part for me. While I want to live healthy, organic, and green, this can be difficult in the world we live in. I began this about a year ago, and I have obtained a wealth of knowledge since working for two Naturopathic clinics. I never paid much attention to my surroundings and what I was putting into my body, but now that I am aware of the effects these things have, it is easy for me to make the choices that are best for me. My best piece of advice for someone starting off is to take it one step at a time and remember that BALANCE is everything.

Remember: there is always something that can be improved, so don’t be hard on yourself! I started with learning my food intolerances. I have a complete dairy intolerance, and a combination intolerance of potato and grain. Just these small adjustments to my diet have made such a difference in my energy, digestion, and the way I look. I do not feel heavy when I stick to these guidelines, and my nails, hair, and skin have never looked better! If I ever want to “cheat” and have something that I shouldn’t have, I am sure to take digestive support. (again this isn’t often because now I like how I feel and look without it)

Another small adjustment that can be made that will result in much improvement is metal or glass instead of plastic! Start with what you eat. Substitute metal kitchenware for plastic ware, and drink from glass rather than plastic. This is simple and not a huge cost, but can make a large impact on your overall health due to all the toxins in plastic.

What we do on the inside, directly reflects how we look on the outside! Be gorgeous on the inside and look gorgeous on the outside!

-Green Glam Guide