Echinacea... and its many uses.

What a gorgeous plant!

Echinacea is a plant that has deep roots in the practice of medicine.  The native Americans. used Echinacea for more illnesses than any other plant. The root was used externally for the healing of wounds, burns, abscesses, and insect bites; internally for infections, toothaches,  joint pains and venomous bites. 

Echinacea was introduced into U.S. medical practice in 1887 and was used to treat conditions ranging from colds to infections, and was known as a powerful "blood purifier". Echinacea was included in the National Formulary of the US and remained there until 1950 (when it was replaced by new MODERN miracles called pharmaceutical drugs).

Today, Echinacea is still one of the most used herbals amongst naturopathic doctors. Echinacea is considered non-toxic, so it is a relatively safe plant to use internally or externally. It has also been deemed safe for use in pregnancy and during lactation! 

I have seen that Echinacea is useful for conditions such as the common cold, the flu, respiratory infections, urinary infections,  or serious infections like strep, staph or even MRSA.  I have used it externally as an antiseptic and it has been useful for the healing of wounds, burns, abscesses, and insect bites!

You can use the entire plant, the flower to the roots, to make a medicinal preparation. You can make echinacea into teas which can be used as a medicinal beverage or used as a wash or for skin irritations or infections, or as a vaginal rinse for yeast infections or vaginitis. You can find liquid extracts, which are my favorite form to use, at most health food stores.  Liquid herbal extracts can easily be used internally or externally. You can find alcohol extracts or alcohol free extracts for the kiddos too!

This is a great medicinal herb for you know and have in your own home "FARMACY".