Homeopathy Tips for the Summer

Hi everyone

Just a few helpful remedies for summer fun and staying naturally healthy on these hot, hot days in Houston.

THE MOST IMPORTANT, of course, stay hydrated…plenty of clean water , sunhats and sunscreen of COURSE.

Homeopathy is a friendly way to keep us well and healthy in this heat, and having fun outside.

1. If we suffer a bit too much from sun, we can take the remedy sol 30c, two pills and chew. Take 2 or 3 doses , and drink plenty of water alongside. You will soon feel better.

2. Any bites or stings respond well to apis 30c, or if very painful ledum 30c or staphysagria 30C. Again take a few doses, 2 or 3… the bite/ sting should feel a lot better. Calendula lotion applied topically will also help to improve the situation more more quickly.

3. Poison ivy can sometimes cause problems at this time of year. Rhus tox 30c will help to calm down any skin rashes suffered out in the garden, or hiking through woodlands.

4.  Use homeopathy as much as you can…it is a very important part of keeping your naturopathic health in tip tip condition. If you can. Treat yourself to a homeopathy home kit… to have all your remedies at your fingertips.

Enjoy your days.

The Sakura Team