What is Reflexology?



An individual's foot has over 7,000 nerve endings that correspond to various body systems. Using unique micro-movement techniques, a reflexologist can activate natural and prompt relief from aches, pains, reduce stress and tension that will improve balance and overall function. 

The feet and hands act as a barometer or mirror, as they highlight the presence of a malfunction such as calcium and uric acid deposits that exit in the body. 

The nerve endings are divided into zones or meridians; therefore, when the nerve endings are manipulated, surges of activity are sent to these areas that will clear out congestion and blockages which allows the free flow of energy to help the body return to normal balance. 

The benefits of reflexology are numerous. Here are a few to consider: back/neck tension, digestive issues, constipation, headaches, hormone balancing, and sinus/allergy issues.